The Beaches of Kauai: Coastal Paradises Perfect for All

The Beaches of Kauai

The Beaches of Kauai: Coastal Paradises Perfect for All

The northern-most island of Kauai is probably best known for being home to the filming locations for films like the Jurassic Park trilogy, Godzilla, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and many other hits, but travelers that look at it as a tropical Hollywood wind up missing some of the finer facets of this Pacific beauty.

Being an island, the fact that Kauai is comprised of dozens of beaches is no secret, but which of these coastal paradises are best for tourists may not be so evident. We’re exploring the outer rim of this incredible oasis to give you a look at the beaches you’ll want to make time for on your Kauai vacation.

Kalapaki Beach

On the southeastern edge of Kauai, right within Nawiliwili Bay, you’ll find Kalapaki Beach. Soft sand, stretches of comfortable greenery, and a perfect view into the bay make this beach a great hideaway for visitors to Kauai.

Swimmers get to enjoy a safer environment to swim due to a break wall separating it from the ocean while more adventurous water bugs can still get their taste of open water. Surfboard and catamaran rentals are available for visitors hoping to explore beyond the soft sandy beach.

Waimea Beach

Complete with fishing and plenty of soft beach to walk across, this southwester coastal area is a rarity of the Hawaiian Islands. Making up the surface is rare black sand, outlined by grass lawns and shadowed by coconut palm trees.

Secluded from city-life, Waimea is the ideal spot for Kauai visitors hoping to find seclusion from the everyday business of life. Romance is abundant on this beautiful, black sanded beach as the sunset glows on the horizon.

Waimea Beach

Lawai Beach

On the south shore by Poipu, Kauai’s explorative visitors will find a very small sliver of beach that delivers far more than it looks like it could. A short rock wall overlooks the edge of the coast and the rocky shoreline. At the base of Lawai Beach resort, Lawai is best suited during calmer weather as high tide completely hides the beach itself.

Turtles and the Hawaiian monk seal frequent this region, giving snorkelers and incredible look at the local wildlife within their own habitat.

Lydgate Park

While Waimea offers the perfect view of a beautiful sunset, the eastern beach of Lydgate is where you’ll want to go for an early morning sunrise. Along with access to views of the open waters, Lydgate provides swimmers two enclosed ponds to safely enjoy swimming with smaller reef fish.

Abundant with amenities, Lydgate offers lifeguards, picnic areas, a playground perfect for children, and over 2 miles of paved walking paths.

Polihale State Park

Seclusion is key at Polihale State Park, thanks to it being harder to access than other beaches. Adventurous travelers will need to traverse down a rough, 5-mile road to get to this beautiful stretch of sand. Expect to need 4-wheel drive, but the bumpy journey is more than worth it.

The hidden beach is ripe with sand dunes that can reach as high as 100-ft, so be sure to wear comfortable walking clothes. Swimmers will enjoy Queens Pond as it provides a safer spot away from the stronger currents.

Polihale State Park

Beaches galore cover Kauai’s coast, each offering their own experience and sense of adventure. If it’s something exhilarating you’re looking for, be sure to rent a surf board to catch those Pacific waves.