The Crater and the Party: Oahu’s Most Exclusive Luau

The Crater and the Party: Oahu’s Most Exclusive Luau

You’ve come to Hawaii for an authentic island experience and everywhere you look, there seems to be an opportunity to create another memory of paradise that will stick with you forever. One event that every visitor needs to experience is an authentic Hawaiian luau – one of the most culturally important activities the islands have to offer.

Oahu has no shortage of incredible authentic luaus, but there’s one that stands out among the myriad of options. The Diamond Head Luau expertly mixes Hawaiian culture with the natural awe of an ancient volcanic crater formed hundreds of thousands of years ago.

On the southern coast of Oahu, it’s impossible to miss Diamond Head. Located to the southeast of Waikiki and downtown Honolulu, the crater has long played a role in the island’s history. From ancient Hawaiian temples to military bases, the crater has been used through the years for a variety of purposes.

The Diamond Head Luau

Flower Lei Making
Flower lei making

Today, Diamond Head provides a stunning backdrop for what’s considered Oahu’s most exclusive luau. The guest list is short, so be sure to get your name on it before you even leave for your vacation. Those who do get to enjoy the Diamond Head Luau are treated to an experience that showcases some of the most colorful aspects of Hawaiian culture, from the delicious spread of traditional and modern food for all to enjoy to the introduction to local customs like basket weaving, lei making, and hula lessons.






The Luau Experience

Diamond Head Luau Polynesians
Polynesian dancers

The moment you arrive you’re immersed in an incredible culture with a lei greeting – a warm Hawaiian welcome. The smaller group of guests lets you mingle with those around you while you wait for the festivities to truly begin. Once the night is kicked off, it’s an endless stream of locally inspired music, lots of expertly prepared food, and a  healthy dose of Hawaiian culture.

Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to try ukulele lessons or receive a (temporary) Hawaiian tattoo. Beyond the food, the Diamond Head Luau is alive with Hawaiian and Polynesian entertainment, including hula dancers who showcase the customary Hawaiian dance.

The Diamond Head Luau is one of Oahu’s finest experiences; one that serves as an introduction to the Pacific influences that have made Hawaii into the paradise it is today.

Oahu: The Gathering Place

Oahu: The Gathering Place

The world knows the Hawaiian island chain’s third-largest island as Oahu, but throughout its history, the popular tourist destination has been known by another moniker – The Gathering Place. Maybe a peculiar name when you first hear it, but take a look back through the island’s lengthy history and diverse culture and it all comes together.

If you’ve been to the Polynesian Cultural Center, which happens to be on Oahu’s northeastern shore, you know that the customs and traditions of the islands have been influenced by cultures all across the Pacific. Though Hawaii seems to be all by itself in the middle of the Pacific, that didn’t stop people from navigating across the cobalt blue waters.

The Gathering Place
Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu

Responsible for giving the islands their rich culture are people indigenous to Fiji, Tahiti, Aotearoa (New Zealand), and Samoa, incredible lands of the Pacific that are rich with their own unforgettable traditions. When you think of the number of people from the many different lands who have settled in Oahu, it’s no wonder it earned itself the name of “The Gathering Place.”

In fact, that’s precisely where the nickname came from: the diverse population of people who came to Oahu to settle in and call the island home. As “The Gathering Place,” Oahu is not only a place rich in culture, it’s a place that abounds with activities that allow people to come together and keep the nickname alive.

Where to Gather for a Good Time

Want to see the diversity of Oahu in action?

The Polynesian Cultural Center hosts a Hawaiian luau that is considered one of the best across all the islands. From the moment you arrive to the very last performance in the Polynesian-style entertainment line-up, the Ali’i Luau is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Traditional Luau Food

This impressive display of Hawaiian culture features a spread of food to make your mouth water, a table filled with local flavors pulled straight from Hawaii’s land, fished from the deep Pacific, and picked from the towering foliage. Robust and flavorful dishes like lomilomi salmon, poke, and as the main course, tender, slow cooked pork prepared in the old Polynesian way.

The imu ceremony, a traditional unearthing of the pork, which is steamed in an underground oven known as an imu, is one of those traditions that brings people together. It may not be a large, boisterous celebration, but the ceremony draws people in, who gather around and watch the uncovering.

The fun continues with Polynesian entertainment, which brings diverse people together to experience the various musical and dance traditions of the islands. Just as Oahu’s nickname promises, the island truly is The Gathering Place, drawing in travelers of all backgrounds with its authentic offerings, such as the Polynesian Cultural Center’s Ali’i Luau.

A Hawaiian Bachelorette Trip

Maui Surfer Girls Team

A Hawaiian Bachelorette Trip

You’ve finally decided to tie the knot and are already thinking about the bachelorette party festivities! We can’t really blame you, it’s one of the most exciting aspects about planning a wedding, especially when you have your eyes set on Hawaii for it.

Deciding you want to come to Hawaii for your bachelorette extravaganza is only the first part of the fun. Knowing what to do when you get here is just as important, especially considering you’re traveling with the people closest to you and this trip represents your final stretch of the single life.

So, what Hawaiian blasts can boost your bachelorette fun? There’s so much more than you might think…

A Bit of Ocean

It sure seems like a no-brainer that you should spend some of your time in the islands enjoying the refreshing waters of the Pacific. The vast ocean is actually a wonderfully diverse location in which to enjoy some time, and you’re going to find that there’s more to experience than can fit in a day.

Na Pali Snorkel & Sightseeing TourIf you have an adventurous spirit, you’re no doubt up for snorkeling in the deep blue. A great way to explore the underwater world that thrives beneath the surface, snorkeling is your ticket to a “meet-and-greet” with the finest wildlife, such as docile green turtles, friendly dolphins, and colorful tropical fish.

Maybe you’d like to stay above the surface and take on some of the rolling waves coming your way. Surfing, paddle boarding, sailing, water jet pack riding – pick your adventure and enjoy your day on the water! Whichever you opt for, a day on the ocean is a great means of enjoying your final days of singledom.

A Little Culture

You can’t come to the Hawaiian Islands and miss out on all the little tidbits of Polynesian culture that await. The best way to just dive head first into local culture is to enjoy an authentic Hawaiian luau. From the arrival and introductions to the festivities to the engaging entertainment pulled from all throughout the Pacific, a luau is your journey into the history and culture of the Hawaiian people.

Enjoy a glorious spread of food—authentic dishes cooked up with locally-grown ingredients—and watch as the main course, a whole roasted pig, is pulled out of the earth in the customary imu ceremony. Follow this up with a selection of desserts and you have yourself the ideal bachelorette dinner!

Fly High

Zipline Through Paradise Girl

Want to feel what real freedom feels like before tying the knot? Strap in to a Hawaiian zipline and let yourself soar high over the island’s changing terrain. Your feet dangle just over the canopies of the dense palms and forests as you zip across the rugged terrain, passing by everything from the golden coastline to the rolling plains.

It’s easily one of Hawaii’s most popular activities and would make a great closer for your bachelorette weekend in our tropical paradise in the Pacific.