Oahu: The Gathering Place for Halloween

Oahu: The Gathering Place for Halloween

Think you know what a really good Halloween is? Oh sure, you’ve been trick or treating and hosting parties for as long as you can remember, but did you ever imagine you’d be celebrating with a trip to Hawaii?

It may seem weird trading the fun of crunchy brown leaves for the swaying palm trees of Oahu to celebrate Halloween, but don’t let the bright sun and bathing suits fool you. Folks on the island known as the Gathering Place know how to make the most of our Halloween and are happy to trade in our tan lines for fake blood.

The Gathering Place for Halloween

Aloha, pumpkin

Even though you’re probably only going to be on the island for a short amount of time, does that mean you should rob yourself of the fun of pumpkin picking? Let’s try that again: Does that mean you should rob yourself of the fun of pumpkin picking in Hawaii?

Of course not! And with Waimanalo Farm’s pumpkin patch, you can pick out a hefty pumpkin beneath the towering beauty of nearby Koolau mountain ridges. Every Saturday and Sunday throughout October, the farm is open to the public for a go at the orange orbs scattered across the ground.

If pumpkins are your thing and you enjoy the sweet treats of the season, Aloun Farms’ 17th Annual Pumpkin Festival is perfect for children and, of course, you adults. Every weekend from October 14th through the 29th, the farm hosts hayrides, pony rides, carnival games, and other Halloween activities. Should you be in town on the 28th, bring your best costume and take part in the costume contest!

For something truly unique this Halloween season, we recommend Spook Life Park. On October 21st, Oahu’s Sea Life Park transforms into a spooktacular showcase. From shows themed around the season, trick-or-treating around the park, costume contests, underwater pumpkin carving demonstrations, and a big dance party, the park shows that Oahu is the place to be on Halloween. And in case you missed it the first time, we did say underwater pumpkin carving.


In West Oahu, Coral Crater Adventure Park hosts a zombie apocalypse rescue mission. Take aim with state-of-the-art laser rifles, and pick off the zombies swarming through the park. You’ll ride a zipline, experience a heart-pounding free-fall, and ride on an off-road adventure to kill as many undead as you can.








On Halloween, there’s nothing better than walking around Waikiki and seeing how everybody has dressed up. If you’re with kids, trick-or-treating is available all throughout the city at selected locations so they can enjoy Halloween just as if they were at home.