Hawaii For Athletes

Hawaii For Athletes

Hawaii has something for everyone. While some people visit to unwind on exotic beaches, enjoy luxurious hotels, and discover cultural wonders, others like to take full advantage of the islands’ unique landscapes, which invite guests to climb, swim, hike, and explore outdoors. If you’re one of those who like to play outside, Hawaii has some truly unique treats to offer you.

Surf’s Up!

The first sport that comes to mind when thinking of Hawaii is, of course, surfing! The North Shore of Oahu is world-famous for its giant waves and the daredevils who ride them. Not quite ready to ride giants? No problem. The wild breaks such as Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, and Pipeline become tame in the summertime. There’s always the rest of Hawaii to consider, too. Waikiki welcomes you with good longboarding conditions all year round. The west side of Oahu, as well as countless surf breaks on the other islands, offer less crowded surf spots for any style and skill level. Consider hiring a surf instructor or guide. That way you won’t have to worry about searching for the right break and hauling your gear. Surfing can be a fun and safe activity for children, too, if you know where to go.

Explore an Aquatic Wonderland

Maui Snorkel at Molokini Crater
Molokini Crater

Do you prefer being below the surface of the sea? Hawaii is sure to impress you with its world-class snorkel and scuba spots. There are plenty of reef areas near beaches easily accessible by car, especially on Oahu. Sharks Cove is popular for its shallow tide pools where fish teem and children can safely swim along. Don’t miss out on Two Steps on the Big Island and Hanauma Bay near Honolulu. Some of these famous reefs do tend to get crowded though. If you want to get away from the main beaches and enjoy a kaleidoscopic underwater universe more privately, book a cruise to Molokini Crater. This half-submerged volcanic crater is a perfect environment for countless varieties of fish, coral, and other colorful sea life. Molokini Crater is situated just off the golden shores of Maui and charter tours often include a hands-on sailing experience, lots of time to swim and play, food and drinks, snorkeling equipment, and experienced guides.

Explore on Horseback

Not only the shores of Hawaii tempt visitors to play outside. There are also dense jungles, lush green ridges and plains, and of course volcanoes for you to explore. The easiest way to get off the road and into the green is on foot. But you’ll get to see more in a day without sacrificing the tranquility of natural transportation if you bring an equine companion along. Several ranches in Hawaii offer horseback tours. Check out Kualoa Ranch for some picturesque horseback tours on the windward side of Oahu. Kualoa’s guides cater to experienced horse whisperers as well as kids and newcomers, and their territory reaches from the green ridges and plains down to the azure sea.

Experience a Volcano – Up Close

The hottest adventure in the Hawaiian Islands surely is a hike on an active volcano. The Big Island of Hawaii is continually growing and shaking with volcanic eruptions. This provides an ongoing stream of molten lava through the black deserts of newly-created land. But be aware of the hazards. The lava fields are constantly changing, with lava flows changing direction, brittle cliffs breaking, and caves appearing and disappearing. If you want to take a trip into this otherworldly landscape, make sure you come with an experienced guide. The tour guides are always updated on recent volcanic activity and they can bring you safely near the latest active lava flows.